Weekly Cybernote #3

For this third edition of the Weekly Cybernote, we shall first talk about a new malware program that has been rampant on the web, targeting jailbroken iPhone users. We will then touch on an Israeli start-up that may have developed a technology capable of detecting Stuxnet-like attacks. To conclude, we will go over the Interior... Continue Reading →

Weekly Cybernote #2

For this second edition of the Weekly Cybernote, we will obviously be covering once again the notorious Heartbleed flaw, which has been extensively discussed online. We will then talk about a project developed by Google which aims to push up the appearance of encrypted websites in search results. Lastly, we will conclude on the topic... Continue Reading →

Weekly Cybernote #1

Today we are inaugurating a new section on the blog. Every week, the aim of the Weekly Cybernote will be to synthesize the top security news of the week in France and abroad, so we will choose 3 leading topics that are not to be missed. We will cover the notorious Heartbleed vulnerability that has sent... Continue Reading →

How to run userland code from the kernel on Windows

Introduction Before Windows NT 4.0, the graphical part of the Windows subsystem was implemented completely in userland. Starting from NT 4.0 Microsoft decided to move a large part of the Window Manager and the Graphics Device Interface to kernel-mode in the Win32k.sys component. However, part of the implementation is still present in userland and the... Continue Reading →

Welcome to This is Security

Hi and welcome to This is Security, a new blog dedicated to the security ecosystem, with contributions from a team of experts from Arkoon+Netasq. On This is Security, you will therefore find a digest of what’s happening in cybersecurity as well as more technical feature stories on certain issues selected by our experts. We hope... Continue Reading →

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