Stormshield presents the HAKA project at DEF CON 2015

Every year, the best of Hackers’ world finds shelter at the famous hacking convention DEF CON at Paris/Bally’s in Las Vegas (USA).

During the 23rd edition, visitors will as always enjoy a multitude of fun activities such as games, contests, workshops and many more.

However, this year will be a little bit more special for you and for us as this will be your chance to hear about the Haka security project by Stormshield.

On Saturday, August 8th come and meet us for a 2-hour Demo Lab session in which you will learn all about Haka security.

So what is HAKA?

Haka is an open source security oriented language which allows to describe protocols and apply security policies on (live) captured traffic. The overall goal of Haka is to abstract low-level and complex tasks like memory management and packet reassembly to non-developer experts and to provide an easy way to analyze quickly new network protocols.

Top 6 features of Haka security include:

  1. Packet filtering policy
  2. Packet capture
  3. Protocol grammar
  4. Protocol state machine
  5. Modular and extensible design
  6. Integrated debugger

…Plus the new release of Haka’s new network traffic visualization tool: Hakabana.

Where to find us

Two members of the Haka team Medhi Talbi, PHD security researcher and Paul Fariello a software engineer and security enthusiast will be welcoming you at the table 1 of the Demo Labs section of the DEFCON 2015 convention on Saturday, August  8th from 16:00 to 18:00.

Check the full schedule of Demo labs here

To learn more about Haka and attend a full workshop please visit:

Received updates on the HAKA Team’s journey at DEFCON2015 on Twitter @Stormshield_  and join the conversation with our hashtag #Hakasecurity

We hope you’ll join the fun and have a Hakamazing day!

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